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I'm Erin,


Trained in Functional Medicine, I have a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine. My passion for this career began in 2014. My mum, who is my absolute world became unwell. This gave me a kick to try help her and do what I have always been passionate about, health and helping others with their health.

I then thought to myself I feel like there isn't anyone I can reach out to if anyone around me, their health was affected. Thats when I came across this course and how inspiring it was to read. How the human body works, by trying to keep everything in homeostasis. If off balance then the body can have a domino effect and start to make us have symptoms and could even lead to poor health or disease in the future if not addressed. How much the good food can be so therapeutical, yet the bad food so detrimental for our health. To go and learn wasnt an option, it was my priority now. I really want to bring this empathy into my clinic and really help people and give them hope through evidential research because I know the feeling of when a loved one gets sick, and I am here to help. Prevention being a major part of my work.

My main focuses are of Gut Health, Women's Health, Skin Health and Weight Management. Personalised Nutrition is so important as it helps us pin point the root cause of the issue, so being able to look at my clients as a whole through individual consultations really helps me specifically get to the bottom of why your feeling the way you do. Functional testing is a big part of my work, helping me discover the actual problem as it is based on facts what are happening in the body. Time is of the essence, getting us answers promptly and being able to address what is going on is most important to me and my clients.

Qualifications and Assosiations

I am a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner, Skin therapist, Massage Therapist and Phlebotomist. Registered with the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and I am also fully Insured.

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Our body has a number of different mechanisms to help naturally strengthen.

Using certain techniques for different issues we can help you.

When my Mum fell unwell, it drove me to want to be a Nutritional Therapist as this has always interested me and wanting to help my Mum it just seemed the right thing to do. Although people might think food is just food, well food has a lot more qualities and therapeutical uses than just making us full. When knowing what to eat and why you will really get the benefits of a fulfilled life full of vitality.

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We are all unique

So having a bespoke consultation and plan put in place is of key importance, as we can work together and create individualised wellness goals. I have over 200 hours worth of clinical experience in dealing with all different symptomatic issues. People from all different backgrounds dealing with a mixture of health issues combined and from all walks of life.

Everything I offer here at the Health Hub I never ever recommend to not following your Dr. So always listen to them when making medical desicions. I am not a Dr myself so I can never diagnose an illness.

I want to help you be the best version of yourself.

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Fertility health is of key importance to me.

I tried for nearly 3 years for my little boy Teddy. One day I thought I am going to try something different I never used the ovulation sticks in the end as I look back I feel they caused a lot of pressure and stress for me. So I changed my diet and I included certain supplements in my life and a month later I became pregnant.

I know we are all different so something what worked for me might not for you. Living in a world where fertility issues are on the rise. I want to be able to help and address any matters on why you as an individual are not conceiving, pin point anything stopping this and get to the root cause. I use techniques to help if something is out of balance, we address it. I even have testings available to help dive deeper into what is actually going on inside of your body, on a cellular level. That’s why when doing the consultation we can get a picture of what you are and your life as a whole then go from there.



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