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Shoulder Massage



Let's get you to where you want to be

Massage therapy has been going for thousands of years, it is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues. We can use massage to therapeutically help the client in many ways. Listed below are reasons how massage therapy can help you.

Pressure Point Massage

Why choose massage therapy?

Choose a programme that works for you, every programme includes as standard:


Ease of muscle tension soreness and stiffness

Improved skin tone and elasticity 

Improved blood circulation 

Elimination of toxins and swelling 

Boosts immune system 

Relives tired and stiff joints

Aids digestion and prevents constipation 

Alleviate and prevents headaches 


Encourages deep breathing thus helping respiratory conditions 

Increases energy levels by invigorating the body’s natural systems 

Encourages deep sleep helps with insomnia 

Reduces stress and anxiety 

Reduces emotions built up in the body 

Encourages deep relaxation 

Helps to focus and unclutter the mind

Encourages a sense of self worth


Book your massage therapy

1 Hour - Full Body Swedish Massage - £40

Covering, back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, chest, neck, face(optional), scalp

30 mins - Back shoulder and neck massage - £30

30 mins - Back Detox - £30

Includes cleanse, scrub, steam and massage 

30 mins - Energising leg massage - £30

30 mins - Leg and foot massage - £30

25 mins - Foot massage - £30

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