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Donating Blood

Regular Blood testing 


Get clear blood testing insights to make long lasting health improvements

Whether you want to monitor your cholesterol levels, manage a pre-existing health issue, or discover how to improve your lifestyle. Being a fully trained and qualified Phlebotomist, I do private testings here at The Health Hub. I have all different testings available. From your normal routine testings of Full Blood Counts to Thyroid Testings, Glucose Testing, Kidney Function Testings and so on. 


I know sometimes it’s hard to get GP appointments so my services act quick and efficient for the patient.


GP referral letters can be made if we find anything we think could do with a DRs check. We also offer full consultations to help really focus on any findings which could look ok but could be on its way to pathology. Prevention being the best cure. Finger prick testing is also available to do at home. Or we can do this for you in clinic making an appointment. Working for Merseycare, I am an experienced and well trained phlebotomist. I also offer blood drawing for individuals who have private blood testings to post off, with small charge for the taking of blood.

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