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The skin


Your body's largest organ... your skin

Your skin serves as a vital barrier of defence against environmental toxins, infections, and other impurities. With the excretion of waste materials, the skin plays a significant part in detoxification also. Skin is such a complex area, I find. There are a number of reasons why the skin can be unbalanced. Ranging from lifestyle, environment, skin products, genetics, gut health, organ imbalances and many more factors. Being able to address what the underlying cause is where we come in to play.

Again using techniques and highly recommending functional testing where appropriate to pin point the cause. We can help you get your skin health back on track. I will then advise use of skin therapy to get you the results you want to see! In clinic I also use professional non-invasive tools to help with things like extraction for blackhead removal, stronger absorption of products, powered up cleansing and many more. 

Image by Angélica Echeverry

Regular facials are a monthly must!

Facial treatments monthly are recommended for you best skin health plus home care which is as important! Maintaining a healthy skin regimen is the key to skin abundance, having professional advice at each appointment to help with this approach also.


Skin Services

Skin Care Lotions


Peels work to re-establish a better epidermal quality, and this can be used to reverse hyperpigmentation issues, soften the symptoms of mild acne and improve the appearance of fine lines. The peel itself is essential for skin exfoliating that boosts new skin cell production and leaves the skin clearer and smoother, from the onset.



This is a water resurfacing treatment, using a diamond tip which uses a concoction of products specified to your skin goal. This then leads to more sufficient levels of product to absorb into the skin resulting in a smoother and plumper appearance. Whilst exfoliating the vacuum is cleaning all dead skin cells leaving an even super clean finish.


Micro Needling Application


Helps produce bodies natural collagen making the skin firmer and gives it that youthful appearance. Also helps to minimise large pores. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Smoothes, firms and tones the skin. Great for the reduction of post inflammatory markings from acne, breakouts etc. helps to reduce hyperpigmentation. Reduction of the appearance of stretch marks.


Skin Boosters

Hyaluronic Acid Skin Booster treatment that aims to improve hydration levels within the skin for a rejuvenated glowing and glossy appearance. This can be used on the face and neck areas.


Dehydrated, dry and thin skin

Skin that is often exposed to UV radiation, air conditioning

Skin with stretch marks, discoloration, age spots, or sun spots.

Skin that lacks volume and lift.


Helps with the reduction and prevention of the signs of skin ageing-smoothes fine lines and wrinkles 

Bio-revitalizes dry, dehydrated and damaged skin

Restores the lost contour of the face

Strengthens the skin’s extracellular matrix

Helps improve skin elasticity and the look of sagging skin 

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